Bing = Google?

by Craig Mayhew on Sun 13th Feb 2011 under General

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has been accused of copying the search results of search engine giant Google. Microsoft has denied the allegations and has stated that it has simply been using data gathered by Internet explorer 8 based on how users used the Internet to refine it’s own search engine.

Google however had built a sting operation by using there own search engine results to see if they would appear in Bing and there are sure enough examples to be found. But whether this proves anything is yet to be seen. Then there is also the matter of whether or not what it proves really is malpractice or not. Only time will tell which of these corporate giants is right.

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Chrome Going for Gold...

by Craig Mayhew on Thu 01st Jan 1970 under General

Chrome is now one of the big players in the Internet browser war though still way behind the major players, and with apples safari just behind it. From December to January we saw a steady loss for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and though they were holding steady now Mozilla’s FireFox is starting to see a loss.This should lead to some interesting events later on in the year when gaps begin to close and measures are taken to try and gain supremacy.

RSS feed me...

by Craig Mayhew on Fri 28th Jan 2011 under General

The world of business is fast paced and some times you just can’t be everywhere at once. Well the answer is simple and already on your system.

The RSS feed is a simple message alert to tell you that something has been posted on a site you follow, and will contain a link to the new information. Think of it as a free magazine subscription to your favourite blogs or news websites etc. You can be come an up to date expert in almost any field with these at your side.

No longer shall you search the web for that up to date post or next big important bulletin and be beaten to the post by the next guy. If time is money you will save a fortune and don’t need to buy a thing, simply set up your RSS feeds using an appropriate client (we recommend Google Reader), then enjoy.

- Joey

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Get yourself Kinected

by Craig Mayhew on Wed 12th Jan 2011 under General

Well for the fist time ever the games industry is giving something back. Well not exactly but normally whatever the game industry does is taken from other industries first. Kinect however, is something new altogether, a direct interface with the console and its creators have announced a pc version of the technology for home cinemas and computers. It looks like it won’t be long until the web cam in your laptop is a kinect style motion sensor and the touch pad a thing of the past.

You know what? I wont miss the touch pad. Not even a little bit. I hate them so much I take a mouse everywhere and use that instead.

Well, I best go use the kinect cam for my X Box so I can practice for work in the future.

- Joey


Free range hosting...

by Craig Mayhew on Sat 18th Dec 2010 under General

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting in line? Like you’re crowded in and are just another number? Or perhaps you’re not quite getting the attention you deserve from your hosting providers? Well maybe it’s time you moved.

We have a lot of reports from people who come over to us for hosting that the servers they were on were slow and they didn’t get the kind of speed they were hoping for. This is because some providers put you on a server with as many as 1000 other websites! That means if each sites has just 200 visitors a month (and we both know some will have tens of thousands) then you’re looking at more than two hundred thousand page loads. Lets face it, the other people on the server might not be that savvy with making their website efficient…

We are shocked that this still happens now and so we have introduced our free range web hosting. This means we strive to keep an average of 50 sites per server and never more than 100.

Every business should have room to grow.

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Head in the Clouds...

by Craig Mayhew on Sat 11th Dec 2010 under General

So what is cloud computing and what does it mean to you?
Cloud computing or “the cloud” is a system in which a system is spread across a number of different servers, ideally across the globe, but behaves like it’s a single resource. This of course leads to certain risks as well as benefits that may be outweighed one way or the other depending on the size of the business and its IT needs.

Some of the advantages are the…

Resilience to natural disaster or heavy traffic.

The “cost according to use” element prevents unnecessary spending.

The round the clock availability of data as well as the ability to change the scale of the operation at any time.

On the other hand…In the event of theft of a part of “the cloud” you cannot guarantee that none of your data was taken with it. This however, is something that can be a risk of any off site data storage.

Security may also be risky due to the sheer number of servers and users. This issue is being addressed with the use of passworded accounts but still poses risks.

The cost can be higher if usage is not monitored.

Whether or not the cloud is for you, it is a futuristic development in technology that only promises to improve.

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