Update: Take-a-way.co.uk

by Craig Mayhew on Sat 14th Jan 2012 under News

Way back in December of 2010 we told you about Take-A-Way.co.uk, a new site that was on the up. Well, back then with 20,000 unique visitors a month it was a proud achievement for both the Take-A-Way team and us here at Adire. Now, in January 2012 we thought you’d like an update.

Hitting over 100,000 unique visitors a month, the site has continued to go from strength to strength. We hope to continue to support them along their journey and wish them all the best!

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EU Cookie Monster

by Craig Mayhew on Wed 09th Mar 2011 under News

For all the website owners out there that are currently worrying about the new cookie legislation that will come into effect for all websites on 25th May 2011, do not fear.

For the moment, because a governemnt guide can’t be agreed upon, enforcement action is likely to lag far behind the date of 25th May. The problem centres on precisely how to ask user’s for permission to use cookies without a user’s browsing experience taking a nose dive.

I know that if I suddenly found myself being greated by a prompt on every site I visited asking “If it would be ok to use cookies and potentially track my browsing habits on their website” then I would quickly look for a browser addon to auto accept those prompts or ignore them completely.

Hopefully, something can be agreed at the browser level that would instead put the responsiblity on the user to change a setting on their browser, rather than the responsablity being with websites to ask every user if it’s ok if it gives them a cookie.

For all our clients, we will let you know if any updates are required for your websites, but in the short term, it looks unlikely.


About the VAT

by Craig Mayhew on Tue 04th Jan 2011 under News

We at Adire would like to apologise to our loyal customers about the VAT.

Though the saving made from the drop in VAT from 17.5% to 15% back in December 2008 was passed on to our customers unfortunately we cannot absorb the latest rise in VAT to 20% at this point in time.

We hope that you will understand our position and trust we will go that extra mile for you to make sure you feel the money well spent.

IP Switch...

by Craig Mayhew on Thu 23rd Dec 2010 under News

The world is abuzz with the new IPv6 coming to replace the old IPv4.

OK maybe not abuzz but we all know its coming and has been for years but is this going to be a problem?

Well though there obviously has to come a time when a change over is required to carry on moving forward and keep up with the ever increasing demands on technology. Once this change over occurs, there will be enough ip addresses to have millions of addresses for every person on the planet.

Estimations of the time I.P.v4 will be exhausted vary from around 2011 to 2012. At the time of writing we are expecting the switch to start occuring in mid 2011.

With the new features of v6 we can see a much faster and more flexible net for the future, of course only time will tell.

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Take-a-way.co.uk growing fast

by Craig Mayhew on Mon 20th Dec 2010 under News

Take-a-way.co.uk has hit 20 thousand vistors per month for the first time through natural Google positions. The idea was born in 2008 and as a startup they looked to Adire for guidance on how to make their business a success. This success is in part due to it’s graphics design coupled with it’s ease of use and general simplicity which we feel has helped it to gain recognition and familiarity amongst it’s many returning users. Of course without the many many hours of hard work put into the project by the take-a-way team themselves, the site would have had no content and no users.

We wish the take-a-way.co.uk team every success in the coming year.

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Apple is not flashy…

by Craig Mayhew on Sat 04th Dec 2010 under News

Apple have decided that they are no longer going to support flash on the iPhone and will instead use HTML5, something that is supported by the majority of other devices too. There is debate as to which is better with each side building a decent argument, however with the two competing there is a risk of a divide forming on the internet. And, with the growing use of Apple hardware to do so HTML5 may hold the edge.

The ability to surf the web on the move, is an important part of the business world, allowing people to continue working while out of the office. The number of people buying on-line grows yearly and mobile internet is now as standard as texting, allowing people to have the full force of the internet behind them on the go.

The bottom line is the customer expects a certain level of usability from a site and to have half your market unable access yours could prove crippling.

In order to stay ahead of this curve, we at Adire have decided to make the move to HTML5 whenever possible. This ensures that the majority of visitors to any of the sites we produce have full functionality.


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