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by Craig Mayhew on Tue 03rd May 2011 under Products/Services

So what’s the big deal about web-hosting and how can having the right host make a difference?

Everyone is different, and has different needs. Most web companies, ourselves included, offer a varied range from low to high specifications. At Adire, these are known as our bronze, silver and gold packages. But what do you do when you need something a little more personal? Well, unlike many other hosting companies, we offer bespoke hosting and like bespoke clothing, it fits.

If you are making a site with dedicated applications and a specific function then you might have to throw money away to get the features you need because they are only in high end packages. Packages which usually come bundled with a lot of features you don’t want or need. A costly error to make and not one too many can afford. For example if you need a large amount of web space but very little bandwidth, or if you want bandwidth galore but don’t require any kind of MySQL or PHP databases then you can cut down on cost and enjoy that “designed for you service” that some other companies simply don’t offer.

- Joey

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Getting Mobile...

by Craig Mayhew on Mon 28th Feb 2011 under Products/Services

The mobile generation is here and here to stay. With more and more people on the move, the office is becoming mobile. After all, we have now come to expect emails and internet browsing on a phone.

So why shouldn’t your website be mobile too?

This is an important step for any business as more and more the office becomes the back of a taxi or a train for commuters or a living room. It doesn’t have to mean a new site it just means upgrading the current one to include mobile pages that are designed for a much smaller resolution and cutting sections down to their core. We don’t change the main sites pages instead we make new pages that are viewed by the mobile devices automatically instead of the main site.

When dealing in mobile optimisation there are many points to remember and firstly is that it isn’t a computer. This mean its on a slower connection, with less processing power and memory. As well as needing to load fast its a good idea not to make the site too big as a lot people don’t have unlimited internet on the phone.

Every business benefits from mobiles optimisation.

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Sure its big enough… but look at the location!

by Craig Mayhew on Mon 24th Jan 2011 under Products/Services

We all know that location matters. Flight paths, sewage outlets, main roads… but what about your server? Well now, that’s an interesting question…

It can be the difference between fast page load speed and slow ones. Everytime you visit a site, little packets of data travel huge distances to and from your server to the computer vieweing your website, but that distance needn’t be out of the country.

It can even effect the speed in which your site works best. We run backups overnight for instance at the times with the lightest traffic. But the time of a backup in America or India will not suit you as well. Our server’s are located in the country, just a car ride away and we maintain a close relationship with technicians who work diligently, maintaining our clients security and high quality level of performance.

- Joey

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The words long written down…

by Craig Mayhew on Thu 20th Jan 2011 under Products/Services

The written word has always been a thing of value, but this value is sky rocketing. Web content is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity from articles to teaching materials.

Good writers are now sought after by companies all over the world and its not just good grammar there looking for in a writer but in some cases SEO work to increase the ranking on search engines or expanding the content allow it it to come up in other wise unrelated searches.

All this may mean a new form of journalism, one not concerned as to the ground breaking topics of the article but instead the technological and marketable aspects of the article.

- Joey

Death of a submit button

by Craig Mayhew on Sun 16th Jan 2011 under Products/Services

Though instant search has been in use for a long time, it’s now being used by the search engine giant Google with new “google instant” and as such is now in the public eye. Soon the idea of typing in a box and clicking on a button will be a thing of past entirely and good riddance.

Instant searches allow you to see and alter a search there and then, refining as you go. This reduces the time taken to get to where you want to be. Other than the technical improvements it also changes the look of a search bar removing an extra button and giving the design interaction instead of that static feel.

Having already used this feature for some time, Adire is happy to announce that it is something that can be implemented in our customers websites. Just a small change can be refreshing, bringing a dated site into the present.


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Since you asked… Static Content Servers

by Craig Mayhew on Tue 14th Dec 2010 under Products/Services

After last weeks blog post we received questions about what exactly it is our SCS (static content server) is and does. This is a great thing, our staff here love nothing more than when people show an interest, after all its easier to nod and pretend to know than actually ask and learn.

Well our SCS is known by a few different names. Let me tell you some of the names as well as what they stand for:

SCS (static content server)

Image server

These are all different ways of saying that this server only serves images, CSS files, javascript files and anything else that is unchanging. This enables us to have the webserver doing smart things with PHP, handling log ins and e-commerce transactions while the SCS simultaneously serving the static information. This speeds things up greatly.

Hope this clears things up!

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