Made to measure...

by Craig Mayhew on Tue 03rd May 2011 under Products/Services

So what’s the big deal about web-hosting and how can having the right host make a difference?

Everyone is different, and has different needs. Most web companies, ourselves included, offer a varied range from low to high specifications. At Adire, these are known as our bronze, silver and gold packages. But what do you do when you need something a little more personal? Well, unlike many other hosting companies, we offer bespoke hosting and like bespoke clothing, it fits.

If you are making a site with dedicated applications and a specific function then you might have to throw money away to get the features you need because they are only in high end packages. Packages which usually come bundled with a lot of features you don’t want or need. A costly error to make and not one too many can afford. For example if you need a large amount of web space but very little bandwidth, or if you want bandwidth galore but don’t require any kind of MySQL or PHP databases then you can cut down on cost and enjoy that “designed for you service” that some other companies simply don’t offer.

- Joey

bespoke   hosting   package  

bespoke   hosting   package