Environmental Policy

Adire is dedicated to making decisions that contribute to achieving environmentally sustainable development. We aim to reflect our commitment to delivering sustainability in our own business practices and through our values and policies. We recognise this to be a continuous process of improvement rather than a steady-state and we seek to improve our performance in time. Our Environmental Policy expresses Adire's commitment to achieving this aim within our own organisation.

Our Impacts

Our most significant adverse environmental impacts are:

  • Consumption of natural resources in our general office operations.
  • Emissions to the atmosphere from the use of carbon based energy in the production of web-based media and maintenance of its "online" status, and also our general office operations.
  • The environmental performance of our suppliers.
  • Production of waste materials.

Our Commitment

Adire currently has the following objectives:

  • To set objectives, targets and programmes to improve our environmental performance, including sustainable sourcing, carbon management, the use of ethical supply chains, preventing pollution and the pursuit of recognised environmental standards amongst our suppliers such as FSC paper sourcing.
  • To comply with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, identifying and applying the best available techniques wherever possible.
  • To provide information and appropriate training for and seek feedback from all staff on our environmental procedures and goals.
  • To ensure all equipment is maintained to consume minimal energy, including purchasing energy efficient equipment and keeping equipment as up to date as is feasible.
  • To minimise the use of paper, envelopes etc, by ensuring that where possible all communication is done electronically.
  • Encourage employees to travel in an environmentally friendly manner.